• Fire N' Ice with Landing

Fire N' Ice with Landing

The world's first two-story inflatable slide gives your kids the option of going for the breathtaking high drop or the towering top slide. 

And it gives you even more options for attachments to keep the young ones entertained!

With the landing, give the children all the experience of the water slide without the wetness and the pool. 

See their smiles as they come sliding down a steep (but still safe!) drop before hitting a sharp curve that leads them to the final stop on the ride, a soft mattress landing that will have them running back up to the top to go again!

Measuring in at 32' L x 19' W x 20' H, this dual slide is able to fit in most medium sized backyards and big enough for church events, school socials, and more!

For an additional four hours, add 10% to the cost of the rental or an extra 50% for an extra day!

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  • Price:
  • $475.00 (4 hours)
  • Circuits needed: 1
  • Item Dimensions: 32'x19'x20'
  • Space Needed: 32'x19'x20'