• 27' Roaring River Dual Lane Slide (Dry)

27' Roaring River Dual Lane Slide (Dry)

Ever wondered what it would be like to jump down a rushing waterfall?

Our 27 foot tall slide features a rock like design, with a steep decline that'll give you that exact experience minus the water or the danger that comes with cliff diving.

Or in other words, all the thrills with safety included. 

Kids enter to the side of the dual lanes and climb up the stairs before sliding quickly down to a soft landing. 

Measuring at 29' L x 20' W x 27' H, the Roaring River Slide fits in medium sized back and front yards as well as large open spaces such as parks, summer camps, stadiums, school grounds and more!

Add on our Run 'n Splash Combo to make this a water slide with 26 extra feet of sliding fun and a soft mattress pool at the end!

For an additional four hours, add 10% to the cost of the rental or an extra 50% for an extra day!

Date: Check Availability

  • Price:
  • $585.00 (4 hours)
  • Circuits needed: 1
  • Item Dimensions: 29x20x27
  • Space Needed: 29x20x27

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