• Fire and Ice with Pool

Fire and Ice with Pool

Nothing's better than the original! Rent the world's first two story water slide and let the kids choose if they want the thrilling high drop or the more daring huge top slide!

Parents love watching their kids smiling faces as they hit the sharp curve at the bottom before landing in a soft mattress pool of cool, fresh water before racing back up the stairs to go again.

Or detach the pool entirely and add the soft landing instead for the exact same fun without the wetness.

Measuring in at 34' L x 17' W x 20' H, this water slide fits in most medium sized backyards, but is also large enough to make a statement at school socials, parks, and festivals.

For an additional four hours, add 10% to the cost of the rental or an extra 50% for an extra day!

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  • Price:
  • $475.00 (4 hours)
  • Circuits needed: 1
  • Item Dimensions: 34x17x20
  • Space Needed: 34x17x20

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