• Giant Hamster/Zorb Balls (2)

Giant Hamster/Zorb Balls (2)

Climb into one of our huge ten foot spheres and run, jump and spin your way to a great party!

Add in some extra laughs with the dual lane criss-cross design and you're sure to see some funny collisions between the racers as they each try to make it towards the finish line fastest.

Perfect for anywhere with a large and flat open space, the track is also easy to set up in large backyards, parks, and even indoors for places like gyms and rec centers and measures in at 75' L x 30' W with a need clearance of about 18' in height for the best experience.

Rent one for your next event or party today!

For an additional four hours, add 10% to the cost of the rental or an extra 50% for an extra day!

Date: Check Availability

  • Price:
  • $599.00 (4 hours)
  • Circuits needed: 2
  • Item Dimensions: 75x30x18
  • Space Needed: 75x30x18

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