Nowadays bounce houses are essential for any parties that involve children. But if you get some jumper rentals and expect that to be enough, you’re sorely mistaken. A lot of things go into the arrangement of parties, you have to carefully coordinate snacks, set out drinks for when the kids get thirsty from running around too much, and do all of that while keeping an eye on them as well. And if the children are especially little, you have to guide them in their games as well. So, if you’re throwing a party with a bounce house, keep the kids jumping in more ways than one with some bouncing party games. And, speaking of such fun, you can get your bounce house rental supplies from Ultimate Party Jump and throw the best party for your kids.

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A great game to play inside a bounce house for little kids is freeze bounce, where you play some fun birthday party music as the kids bounce around and when the music stops, all the kids must freeze in place. The aim is to remain standing as the house still shakes. Anyone who falls over is out, but the game and the music are continued till the song is over or only one player remains. This is a really popular game in jumper rentals all around the globe because of its fun and dynamic nature.

Another fun game, which puts the birthday boy or girl in the middle of the action is the switch place race. Here each child is assigned a number and sent inside the bounce house and told to sit in a circle. The birthday child however stands in the middle and calls out two numbers. The children who are assigned those numbers have to get up and switch places, racing to be seated before the birthday child steals one of the empty spots. The player who is left standing gets to call the next two numbers. Getting a bounce house rental and seeing your kids have fun with it is surely a great way to spend their special day.

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While getting birthday party rentals and decor, make sure you buy balloons in spare because, in the end, it is balloons that bring joy to most kids. With balloons, you can also have the children play a game of balloon attack, where the children line up on opposite sides of the bounce house, each side with a single color assigned. Then throw an equal number of each color of day balloons into the bounce house for the kids to toss. They must send their balloons to the opposing side without crossing the line. When time is up, the team that has the least amount of the opposing team’s color balloons wins.

Games are much better than just bouncing around anyway. Thus with these games to play in the bounce house rental, your planned birthday party can never get boring. So the next time you have to arrange for a party with multiple children included, remember these games and let the fun begin.

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