Games For Children’s At Parties

Today we propose 6 fun games for children’s parties , since the holidays are just around the corner and soon the children will have a lot of free time, Games for children’s at parties, there is nothing they like more than playing so a children’s party is a great idea for any weekday.

We are going to propose 6 fun games for children’s parties that we are advised by Ultimate Party Jump Animations , professionals in children’s entertainment throughout many places.

To organize these fun games you need little preparation time and the investment is minimal, you can use materials that you have at home and if you have to buy something, it will be useful for other occasions so you will rent it quickly. We give you everything done !! In general, children’s clothing must be comfortable so that they can move freely but it depends on the games you choose! in some they will be able to go with their best clothes !!

This is the TOP 6 of fun games for children’s parties :

1- El Limbo , a fun game for any children’s party and that does not go out of style, it can be done with children of all ages, you need a rope or similar, music and the imagination that you want to throw at it! It’s easy to do, you don’t need a lot of space and it’s the cheapest !!!

Games For Children’s At Parties
Games For Children’s At Parties

Consists in:

  • Two people hold a rope, cord or similar at each end
  • They are placed one in front of the other holding the rope, at first they place it at shoulder height and as everyone passes the rope goes down .
  • The goal is for children to go under the rope without touching it


2- Parachute , parachute games are great and give you many options to vary the game, it is important to keep the children’s attention high and with a cloth parachute you will easily achieve it. You only need a fabric parachute, there are colored, smooth, with handles and there are different diameters. They are inexpensive and easy to find on the internet. Some examples of parachute games:

All the children hold the parachute in a circle, we place a ball in the center of the “parachute” and the children have to move the ball together without letting it fall out.

Holding the parachute together, when saying a name that child has to release it, go under it and move to another place


3- The chairs , another very fun and timeless classic. We place chairs facing outwards and forming a circle. The trick is to place one less chair than there are participants. We put on music and when the music stops you have to find a free chair. Whoever is left without a chair becomes part of the animation team to the rest of the colleagues (thus we avoid them feeling bad about being “eliminated” , better not to use this word, we do not want to encourage competitiveness.


4- Statues , consists of: while the music plays, the children must be in movement, they can dance or move through the space that we delimit but in movement, when the music stops they have to stay still like statues, whoever moves becomes part of those who watch that the rest do not move.


5-  The islands , for this game we need an old newspaper, we give each child a sheet and they must place it under their feet, we tell them that they are islands in the middle of the sea and that they must swim in the water while the music plays and when the music stops they have to get on an island because storms are coming and they may be in danger in the water. Every time the music stops we will remove an island so that the children will have to group themselves on other islands to save themselves.


6- Racing with a stick , this is a super fun game, we need a rather short stick, it is important that it is lower than the children at the children’s party. Consists in:

  • We make several groups and give each group a stick
  • It is about running from one point to another previously marked
  • The team that finishes later will have to do a test
  • The trick is that before starting to run, they have to place the stick on the ground at the starting line and give the stick 10 laps
  • Once the partner reaches the finish line, the next one must do the same

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