The bounce house is a sport everyone likes no matter their age. But few people know about what a bounce house is made of. And what makes it so safe for kids? And if you are curious then this post will open that Pandora box for you. Keep reading to uncover the answer to all the above-mentioned questions and to learn why a bounce house rental is a great option.

What is a bounce house made of?

Bounce houses are made of materials like foam which are known for withstanding extreme temperature changes, jumping, and scratches. They come in a variety of forms and the most popular ones are the inflatable bounce house ones. This is because they do not take up much space and can shrink to a very small size which makes them easier to store when not in use.

Why are bounce houses safer than a trampoline?

Inflatable bounce houses are known to be safer and more children-friendly than trampolines because of their children-friendly design and safety barriers than the trampoline. Also on a trampoline, more than 1 person is considered to be dangerous. But on the other hand on jumper rentals even more than 4 children can bounce together and not get badly hurt.

This thing might seem like a small thing but look at it this way. It’s not that much fun watching others play while waiting for your turn. Especially for kids who get bored with anything in just a few seconds. And that’s why kids enjoy bounce houses so much. They can play numerous games on birthday party rentals with their friends without leaving anyone out.

Bounce House Rental

How to make bounce houses be safer than they already are?

No matter how safe anything is, a parent always must worry about their child’s safety. And since you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly you can apply some of these rules to double up the safety.

Make sure that shoes are off-

Shoes can be a bit dangerous on a bounce house because shoes are hard and it might be difficult/ hurtful to land on them. It can damage the bounce house and given the fact the children can land on each other while bouncing is enough to convey that shoes and a bounce house should never go together.

Ban lying down-

You can only imagine what will happen if a child lands on any child lying on the bounce house with their face up. If not much they can badly bruise themselves or bounce off of the inflatable bounce house rental.

No pushing-

Sure while playing children can push each other but make sure you warn your children to not push each other on the jump house rentals. This is because pushing on a structure that is bouncy and unstable can cause unforeseen incidents that you might not want to happen.

Bounce House Rental

Final words

To end it all it is safe for children to play on an inflatable bounce house but you still need an adult to supervise them all the time and make sure the fun times don’t turn into a tragedy genre. Moreover, if you want to rent some good quality bounce houses then you can reach out to Ultimate Party Jump because we provide the best quality and fun bounce houses.

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