Importance Of Inflatables In Children’s Parties

And who has not seen their little ones jumping on the inflatables at children’s parties with such contagious fun that it makes you want to go in and jump with them. Importance of inflatables in children’s parties, Do you remember when we would jump and we could spend hours jumping?

They say that remembering is living and there is no doubt that seeing the little ones have fun brings us back to that moment of unparalleled fun. Today there is a greater variety of inflatables for the holidays and for all ages, even with water to make the experience even more fun. Others include items like giant gloves, huge balls, goals, even obstacles and climbing walls. There is an unlimited variety that you will not even know where to start, but here at Ultimate Party Jump we love to help you choose the best for you and your little ones, so don’t worry, we will tell you some options and tips.


Fun for all?

Did you know that there are amusement parks where there are only inflatable games for all ages?  These parks can be rented for events, but we can also go for a couple of hours to have fun with the family. They have even organized events and races on inflatables for all ages, where as in any race, it has a start, you have a participant number and they measure the time in which you have developed the entire circuit to recognize a winner. If you like competition, this is a new way to challenge yourself and have a lot of fun.


If you have organized a children’s event, you have noticed that at a children’s party, when the person in charge of the inflatables arrives, a huge euphoria begins for the children, and also for the grown-ups. As soon as the engine is started to inflate the game and the kids are ready to jump. Everyone is waiting for what size and shape it will be, if it has obstacles, or if it has a slippery slope. And as soon as it is filled with air there is no one to resist, even we as adults have had to resist sometimes.

These types of games are still a guarantee for the little ones to be entertained for hours. Even for many little celebrated and party guests it is the most anticipated of the day. They generate so much excitement and fun by the fact of jumping, playing with their friends and even inventing games inside the inflatable among themselves or as a team.

Importance Of Inflatables In Children's Parties
Importance Of Inflatables In Children’s Parties

How to choose the perfect infant?

How many types of inflatables are there and how do you know which one to choose?

You would be surprised how many shapes, shapes, sizes and themes there are of these incredible inflatables at children’s parties. Some more interactive than others, but all fascinating. When it comes to looking for the best one for our little ones’ party, we must consider some details to have an excellent experience, for example:


  • Ages of the little ones: We must consider if we will have guests of the same age, older or smaller, in this way we can choose one appropriate to their level of fun, especially for safety.
  • Available space: Depending on the space available for the game, we must verify the approximate measurements of the space plus 1 or 2 meters around, to avoid incidents with walls or unsafe elements nearby.
  • Type of Floor: The most advisable thing to place an inflatable is on grass (natural or synthetic). It can also be placed on the ground or asphalt, however, to avoid any incident when getting on and off our little ones, a smooth surface will be better. A good alternative, if possible, is to place foam squares around it so that the little ones do not hurt their feet.
  • Number of children at the party: Sometimes the inflatables are limited for the number of children in an event so they have to wait their turn. Let’s consider that some little ones can jump for hours and others only for a little while, so we can have a good space for them.
  • Budget: A super important point is to know that there are several inflatable suppliers and that we can compare the best price and service. Most have affordable and hourly prices. Do not be afraid to compare especially in the type of inflatable, similar design and size to make an excellent decision.


Inflatables for big and more fun?

And if you are thinking of  including adults in the fun , we are going to thank you very much. Some providers may offer you a good discount for renting more than one item and so you can include an adult game, with greater size and resistance. At first, many will not believe that it is for the invited adults, but as soon as one embarks on the adventure, you will see that they have the same or even more fun than the little ones. If possible, take  the test and you will see how fun and unforgettable it will be for everyone.

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