As summer rolls around, many old, as well as young parents, think of investing in some inflatable water slide rentals, and why not! They are a great source of enjoyment for the little kids, and of course and older ones like to splash in the water as well. The hot season brings out a lethargy that could be avoided and everyone kept active by getting one of these, especially if you have an event lined up where a lot of kiddies may be in attendance. So, go over to the Ultimate Party Jump website and check out their amazing selection of both dry and wet slides, and you are sure to not be disappointed. 

While summer may lead to the emergence of various above-ground pools in the backyard, it also brings the thought of pool toys and pool games into the grand picture. Because day after day, the same pool may bore even the most well-adjusted of toddlers. But if your children are especially used to being active all the time, you will be at your wit’s end by lunch keeping them occupied. And while inflatable waterslide rentals near me are lovely, they are not very feasible for everyone to have all the time. So, take heed and add that extra fun to the neighborhood parties by adding those little touches in exchange for just swimming, floating, or soaking up the sun. 

 Pool party rentals

So what games can you play in your pool? The very first two that come to mind are basketball and volleyball. Using balls that float on the water’s surface is the least expensive of all basketball games, and kids are especially fond of this game. These balls are often inflatable or pop-up and thus make for easy storage. Along with basketball, there are various volleyball sets for pools available as well, and those range in cost based on the quality along with the number of features. However, if you wish to get an inflatable water slide rental, you might not need these at all as the slides by themselves are so varied and full of awesome contraptions that the kids remain entertained by the slide itself. 

A less commonly known pool toys are remote-controlled boat, that entertains both adults and children alike. The boats can be controlled from anywhere, so you can either hang out in the water or lounge poolside and still play the game. Boats that double as skimmers are very popular among pool owners as they make cleaning up leaves and debris much more interesting. Another positive aspect of this toy is it can be used even in the shallow splash pools attached to the end of an inflatable water slide rental. 

Thus you see, summer need not be an affair where you spend the entire day indoors with air conditioning. You can be outside, in your backyard, and have your fun with pool party rentals and make sure the kids, as well as yourself, stay in the sun long enough to soak up all the vitamin D that you can. 


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