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I recently lost my post office locations in my city, and I was shocked at how difficult it was to find a new one in my area! There are so many choices out there, and I felt overwhelmed and frustrated as I attempted to pick the right one. Luckily, I read this great article that’s put together by the people who run the United States Postal Service (USPS). Here are some of their tips that helped me narrow down my choices and choose the best location available to me today

Your post office location:

If you are lucky enough to have a post office location near you, chances are good that it provides other services in addition to mailing packages. Post offices usually provide several types of services for their customers such as money orders, passports and lottery tickets. You might even be able to pick up some stamps there at a discount! One thing to keep in mind is that many post offices don’t keep regular hours on Saturday or Sunday, so if you find yourself needing something from your office location over a weekend, you might want to call ahead first just to make sure they will be open when you plan on going.

Not all post office locations offer passport services, but some do. If you don’t know if yours does, call your local post office or look on their website to see if they have information about passport services available. To get a passport application in person, you need to bring several documents to prove your identity and citizenship such as a photo ID, driver’s license or birth certificate. This is necessary because a passport isn’t simply for mailing packages abroad—it is also an internationally recognized form of identification that can be used as a proof of citizenship when traveling outside of your country of residence. In addition to providing service to residents locally, most post offices in larger cities will also provide their customers with other types of services such as overnight delivery and priority mail options.

Find your nearest post office:

To find your nearest post office, simply search for Post Office locations on Google. The first result is a map that gives you accurate information and allows you to type in a zip code to narrow down your search. To get even more specific, use your city or state to create a custom search using Bing. To do so, enter location [city/state] in your search bar and select Bing from Google’s options if prompted. This will show you local results for post offices and other mailing services nearby. After finding your nearest post office, look around to see if there are any USPS drop boxes or blue mailboxes close by that could make it easy for you to mail letters in an emergency—you don’t want any excuses!

In addition to using online resources, you can search for post office locations in your local phone book or call your local post office. Sometimes there are post offices attached to different businesses like grocery stores or convenience stores so it’s good to keep an eye out when you’re out and about. While mailboxes aren’t necessarily an appropriate long-term storage option, they are helpful if you don’t have access to a vehicle and can be used temporarily as a last resort. Remember that if you need large amounts of mailing supplies like packing tape, it may be cheaper—and more eco-friendly—to order them online instead of visiting multiple stores locally.

Contacting your local post office:

If you’re having trouble finding post office locations, call your local post office. Many branches have a map on hand that they can give you to help show where all of their offices are located. If you’re not sure if there is a branch in your area, see if there is an Express or Remote Area Delivery location that can help. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-ASK-USPS for more information about your nearest post office. They can also provide addresses for Express and ROD locations near you and even locate your nearest mailbox. Regardless of how you choose to obtain it, knowing where your closest location is helps make mailing letters, packages and other items easier than ever before!

If you don’t feel like getting dressed or leaving your house, there are other options. First of all, you can contact customer service at 1-800-ASK-USPS to find out where your nearest post location is. If you want to view a map of that location and surrounding branches, they can also help you obtain that information. However, if you’re more of a visual person, it may be easier for you to do an online search for Post Office locations near me and see what pops up. You may have some difficulty finding a map on these sites, but it can still be useful when looking for addresses. Good luck!

Post offices in your area:

If you have a PO Box, it’s likely that post offices in your area have more than one post office locations. For example, my local Post Office has 3 locations within 20 minutes of my house. If you look on their website, under Store Locator (or something similar), you can get a list of all Post Offices near you. They should be able to tell you which locations are open 24 hours or if they allow package pick-up. You can either write down addresses and phone numbers, or use their contact us feature to send them an email request with your zip code and desired information and they will send it back to you.

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