An inflatable at home? We warn you from now on that it is the best idea you can have for your children to enjoy the happiest childhood in the world. Although to make these unforgettable days safe, we must first follow certain requirements.

Having an inflatable at home is always a reason for any celebration. The perfect excuse to invite friends, have a small barbecue and enjoy the good weather like no one else. But what to do to avoid scares?

The most important thing about having an inflatable at home is that we must carry out its assembly perfectly and, in addition, consider the minimum maintenance requirements.

Inflatable At Home
Inflatable At Home

Requirements to assemble and keep an inflatable at home

Follow our tips to ensure the safety of children above all else.

  • Choose the right inflatable for the children who are going to use it. Age is the most important criterion for this, but you can also take into account the style and taste of each one. There are many models of inflatables and with designs based on thousands of themes!
  • Check the measurements of the inflatable and measure the space you have at home. Note that you must leave a perimeter of two meters around the inflatable (on each of its sides).
  • Verify that the inflatable you buy has the UNE EN 14960: 2014 certification, which determines that the manufacturers have complied with the established quality controls so that the activity can be carried out safely.
  • Have a professional install the inflatable. Although it is not mandatory, it is the most recommended. He himself will give you the instructions for maintaining the inflatable at home and the instructions for use. If you do not have a professional, you must follow the instructions of the inflatable exhaustively.
  • Choose the place on which the inflatable will be mounted. It should be a firm and even surface. Ideally, place the inflatable on a tarp or a carpet floor and leave a two-meter safety belt around it.
  • Always supervise the game and activity on the inflatable to control the little ones.

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