Tips For Organizing Children’s Birthday Party In Inflatable Pool

What is it about? Your birthday, a children’s birthday, perhaps a promotion, Tips For Organizing Children’s Birthday Party In Inflatable Pool, a proposal or you are simply one of those people who know how to get the most out of life and, in addition, they have a pool available …

It does not matter if it is summer, fall, spring or winter. At any time of the year things happen that we must celebrate, special situations that we want to be marked on the calendar in bright colors, events that, in short, we want to share with our friends and family.


Pool party for adults and children.

There is no doubt that it is the summer season that lends itself the most to this type of event; But make no mistake, having a communal or private pool is a fantasy come true for many things.

First of all, for those summer dips, to use the water toys , to forget about everything for a while diving, splashing or using countless games for the pool, hoses, inflatable mats, the flamenco float or whatever we want.

Secondly, because the pool becomes a magical meeting place that, well conditioned, can give your children’s birthday party the special, carefree and completely exclusive touch that you are looking for for your son or daughter or, why, for yourself if you are thinking of celebrating “older things”.


  1. Create your own invitations.

If your pool party is for kids. Do not hesitate to use all the technology at your fingertips to attract attention: Facebook events, emails, stories on Instagram … Create excitement, do it with your children (the natives will give you the review you deserve to new technologies) and By the way, you will learn a little about this world. In addition, you can also choose the classic format and cut cardboard, decorate it and send it to the postal address of your guests.

A good party is not only the party itself, it is the making of it. It has always been said that it is better to be sleeping than to be asleep, take the opportunity to spend time with the children , do activities together and create an event between all that later goes viral.


  1. The importance of pool decoration

For your party decoration to be the talk of all your guests, the first thing you should take into account is the calendar. The day your party is going to be held, what else is celebrated around the world? Is it the international day of something? Its Halloween? Is it friendship day? Choose the theme well; With sense. Take advantage of what happens around the world and make your party thematic .

Tips For Organizing Children's Birthday Party In Inflatable Pool
Tips For Organizing Children’s Birthday Party In Inflatable Pool

Fill the pool with flowers, water lilies, pool candles and the specific decoration of the moment: what is Halloween, for example, because you already know that you must nurture it with a good army of darkness made up of skeletons, zombies, slimy monsters, candles, etc. .

Take the opportunity to decorate your party using hammocks, beach chairs, stone or wooden benches by the pool, the lawn. You can use balloons, garlands, confetti and a huge poster with the title of the event: birthday, graduation, friendship party, etc …

If your pool has a barbecue area, concentrate the specific decoration there because it will be the place where people go to have a drink, eat and talk quietly before or after a good bath if, in addition, it turns out that the event is held in summer .


  1. Have a good birthday menu.

If it turns out that you are kitchens or have the master hand of your partner or friends, you can prepare a fabulous catering for the occasion: fruit, seasonal vegetables, some meat, fish, original sandwiches, sweets, nuts, canapes, juices and lemonades …

On the other hand, you can count on event professionals who bring a closed menu to your pool that is in line, especially with the time of day or night when the party for children or adults is going to be held. This part is usually the most tiring, especially since cooking for two is not the same as cooking for two hundred.

Think about it before getting into this culinary mess if you are not very clear about it. However, we all know the impact of culinary and gastronomy programs such as MasterChef or MasterChef Junior . Take advantage of the media pull and the effect of gastronomy on the children’s world and let the children devise the menu and spend their hours in the kitchen preparing it.

Again, it will always be better to prepare the party than the event itself if you know how to take advantage of this.


  1. Organize playground equipment for parties

A self-respecting children’s party in a pool must have water present. Thousands of liters of water turned into an aquatic playground for children that will not cost you too much to organize and arrange. One of the most used is the volleyball net so that children, always in the area where it covers less, can play a game with each other, it is also a good idea to use a ping pong board (currently ping pong is played by the dozen, the one-on-one thing is over).

Another great idea is to organize a gymkhana, a piñata with surprises and gifts, a hiding place or organize a small battle of water guns or water balloons with which to terrorize the older guests.


  1. Have your guests come to your birthday party in costume

If your party is themed, do not hesitate to include a sine qua non clause in the invitations that forces the staff to come in the way you decide. Use your imagination and be creative. If you are going to invite to come in white, Hawaiian (because it is a Hawaiian pool party ), zombies or whatever comes to mind, you must say it in the invitations. Naturally, those who do not comply should go straight to the water from the moment they set foot in your water party .


  1. You don’t have a pool, but you want your pool party anyway?

For these extreme cases there is a very helpful solution: inflatable pools. We know, it’s not the same, but it’s definitely going to be just as fun. Buy one or more inflatable pools, follow all the tips for decorating a pool party that we have given you and let the Sun rise in Antequera …

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