We all had our share of fun on bounce house waterslide during our childhood and we want our children to experience the same kind of fun and happiness. But did you ever noticed that there are several health benefits of playing on waterslides that you might not be aware of?

Yes, you read that right all those fun days creating a splash in the water were not only for happiness it also improved our body structure and mental strength.

bounce house waterslide

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Here are the benefits of playing on a waterslide:

·  Improves hand-eye coordination

  •   Water play is an excellent way for children to improve their hand-eye coordination as they understand to splash, squeeze, shake, or even paint with water.

·  Helps to understand math and science

  •   Water is an excellent medium for illustrating scientific and mathematical ideas like volume and quantity. for example why a bucket full of water is light inside the water and heavy out the water, what happens when you jump into the water? what causes the splash etc.
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·  Improved focus

  •   When children play in the bounce house waterslide, they tend to become absorbed in the activity. This can help kids focus, and any action that keeps a mind for a prolonged period will help them to have a longer attention span and the capacity to focus in later life.

bounce house waterslide

Motor skills and sensory exploration are developed through outdoor play.

Water activities can help children’s gross and fine motor skills develop and boost. Trying to lift, trying to pour, carry, trying to run, and splashing help children develop their motor skills, coordination, and physical conditioning while squeezing helps to develop the small muscles in their palms.

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