Zip lining is an extremely exciting sport enjoyed by people of all ages. But the problems with ziplining in naturally inclined places are the topography as well as the general traveling that is required. But for zip-lining in Los Angeles, all you need is a backyard and the number of a company, and voila, you’re set. So, call up Ultimate Party Jump and get a kit, or you can even go for a do-it-yourself style. 

The idea of a zip-line in your backyard may seem daunting at first, what with calculating the slope and sag, as well as the height requirements, and if your home can even accommodate a backyard zip-line kit or not. But there are some basics to help you install a zip line design safely and reliably, which will satisfy your entire family for years to come. So while installing any zip-lining Los Angeles, first check for the location. The ideal part of your property should have two trees that have a direct path toward each other. But even if you have a spot in mind, it is always a good idea to have a contingency. Next, you have to measure and track the distance between the trees in feet. Most zip-lining kits range from 50 to 500 feet, in 50-foot increments, so you can decide what cable length is right for you. 

Zip lining Los Angeles

To secure the zip-line firmly, there needs to be an anchor. And while the trees can be chosen by their distance, they also need to have strength in them to endure up to 3,000 pounds of horizontal force to be exact. So your trees should not be old or rotten, have cracks or loose roots, and most of all, both trees must have at least 12-inch diameters around their trunk. Another thing while installing any zip-lining Los Angeles is that there are height restrictions of about 7ft clearance around the zip line. This area should be free from branches, rocks, or any other obstacles. 

Zip lining Los Angeles

There are a lot of things a person has to think of and calculate when they want to install a zip-line in their own backyard. For example, there is the Cable Sag to be thought of so that the rider’s feet do not drag as they ride. There should also be a slope of about 3%  for zip lines that will only utilize a stop block. Among your zip-line installation kit, you will have to get the cables, which for the best experience should be galvanized aircraft cables, cable clamps, thimbles, turnbuckles, and lastly cable slings. Among the zip-line accessories, includes trolleys and braking systems, and lastly harnesses. While shopping or getting a pre-set kit, make sure you account for all of these parts. 

Now that you have everything you require to turn your backyard into a zip-lining course, go ahead and try zip-lining, jumping castle rental. But remember to do a safety check and inspection after the installation as well as instruct your riders on all of the dos and don’t just for caution.

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