The essential materials to build a bouncy castle are canvas and thread. Bouncy castle materials From there, other types of materials are usually used according to the particular characteristics of each inflatable.

Tarps : Bouncy castles can be made with various types of tarps, the most commonly used being nylon (for relatively small castles and for domestic use), and PVC (for castles of any size and professional use). The tarpaulins must comply with the safety regulations corresponding to each country of manufacture. There are canvases of different weights, which can range from 500 to 900 gr / m2. The weight of the tarpaulins is directly linked to their resistance to tears and punctures, the heaviest being the most highly valued.

Thread : A high-strength thread is used to join the canvases to each other, both for the inflatable castle platform and for the walls and obstacles inside. Depending on the areas of the castle, single, double or even quadruple seams will be used. In high-quality castles, the jumping area canvases are usually attached with 4 seams or even more. Bouncy castle materials, Also in elements that must support a considerable weight such as the steps of the stairs or some obstacles. In decorative elements or for the high areas of the bouncy castle, single or double seams are usually used.

Velcros : It is common to find bouncy castles with slides that incorporate a canvas to slide, which is attached to the slide by velcro. It is also common to find velcro on some interior obstacles or decorative objects.

Paintings : Most inflatables have drawings, texts, telephones or markings that either are printed on the canvas with which the castle is built, or are painted afterwards with special paints adapted to the type of canvas used.

Nets : They are usually made of nylon and are used on open sides, framed in an inflatable arch, as a security measure. The use of nets or meshes in bouncy castles is regulated and must comply with safety regulations. Bouncy castle materials, The thread of the net must have a suitable composition and a minimum resistance. Likewise, the holes must have a maximum width.

Foam and foam rubber : To form the steps in the inflatables with stairs, or to build the decorative elements of the castle.

Bouncy castle materials
Bouncy castle materials

Accessories For Bouncy Castles

For the bouncy castle to function properly and also to do so with the required safety conditions, it is necessary to use some accessories.

Turbines or air blowers : It is an essential accessory for the operation of any inflatable attraction. With the exception of some models of sealed or heat-sealed inflatable castles that, once inflated, keep the air inside, the vast majority of inflatables require a continuous supply of air. This continuous jet of air that blows directly into the inflatable through the hoses, is provided by the turbine. Bouncy castle materials, Each castle will have a minimum of one turbine. Depending on the size of the castle and the power of the turbines, one quantity or another will be needed. Generally, a 1.5 Kw (1.1 CV) turbine will be used for every 50 or 60 m2 of inflatable surface, although the number and power of the turbines will always be determined by the manufacturer.

Ropes, moorings and other anchors : Depending on the installation area of ​​the bouncy castle, it must be fixed to the ground so that it cannot move or rise from the ground. For this, ropes or other types of anchoring methods will be used, such as steel pegs for ground and grass, or rings or rings with screws and plugs for asphalt or concrete. It is also common to find inflatable castles weighted with concrete blocks or steel plates.

Mats : They are used as a safety element against falls and are usually placed at the entrance of the castle and on the open sides.

Safety fences and chains : Used as a security element to create a security perimeter around the bouncy castle. Also to delimit the area of ​​the inflatable’s turbines.

Generators : In places where there is no nearby outlet, generators are often used to plug in the turbines.

Protective tarps : Depending on the type of terrain on which the bouncy castle is installed, we will find tarps or even mats under the entire surface of the castle, to protect and isolate the castle from the ground.

Turbine cover casings: They are used to reduce the noise of the turbines. These are soundproof boxes or housings designed to cover the air motors.

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