They are generally PVC or nylon structures, built and designed to be inflated by air turbines, so that they acquire a consistency and hardness such that it allows jumping or bouncing on them. They are designed mainly to entertain children up to 14 years old, although we can find them for adults as well. Bouncy castle, With thicker canvases and reinforced seams they can support the weight of several adults without problem.


Bouncy castles in the world

In addition, within each country we also find different terms to refer to this type of inflatable for leisure. For example, in specific areas of the Costa del Sol such as Malaga we can find them as Jump-jump or inflatable balloons.


Bouncy castles in USA

In USA, the most popular term to refer to them is ” Inflatable Castles “. Completely logical term a few years ago when most of these attractions were shaped like a medieval castle, formed by a flat platform and four towers, with inflatable walls that joined them. In fact, Bouncy castle, it is the first image that keeps coming to mind when someone mentions a bouncy castle. However, this term is becoming somewhat obsolete since nowadays a large number of inflatable structures are manufactured, with the most original designs or with very specific themes.

In addition, manufacturing techniques have advanced a lot in recent years, and have made it possible to build inflatables with all kinds of shapes and accessories. Today the most popular inflatables are those that have some type of slide or ramp inside and include areas of obstacles and even articulated by independent motors. Others have various heights or are completely covered. In other words, they have little to do with the original design of the typical “Inflatable Castle” but, despite this, it is still the most used name in our country and refers to any type of inflatable game.

Bouncy Castle
Bouncy Castle

History and origin of bouncy castles

The invention of inflatable castles is attributed to John Scurlock, an American mechanical engineer, who experimented in Louisiana with different types of pneumatic tires placed on tennis courts. The activity led to children’s leisure, and he soon created a company to extrapolate this experience to children. This first experience, which began with a large air mattress, he called spacewalks (Moonwalk).

Scurlock was a pioneer in the manufacture of this type of material and in the sixties new elements were added to that initial inflatable mattress. Bouncy castle, Walls, obstacles and other elements such as slides or ramps, were laying the foundations of the inflatable castles that we know today.

For their part, the English demand the invention of bouncy castles, attributing the idea to a group of university students. Apparently they devised an inflatable mattress to raise funds at an event.

Whatever the origin of bouncy castles, the truth is that since the sixties they have not stopped evolving, giving rise to a whole industry around them, increasingly specialized. Manufacturers of tarpaulins, air turbines, designers, castle manufacturers, castle rental companies, homologation companies, technical reviews, etc … A sector in constant growth.

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