360 Photobooth Atlanta

360 photo booths are taking event photography to the next level in Atlanta and nationwide. This immersive new technology captures sharable 360-degree images of attendees, providing an interactive experience unlike traditional photo booths. For Atlanta parties, corporate events, conferences, and weddings, 360 photobooth Rental offer engagement and entertainment for guests.

Standard photo booths print out a photo strip of posed shots. 360 photo booths record a 10-20 second video that captures the entire space around the attendees. Participants can instantly share their 360 photos and videos via text, email, or social media.

How 360 Photo Booths Work

360 Photobooth Atlanta use specialized cameras and software to stitch together a complete panoramic image:

  • Multiple DSLR cameras are mounted above the booth to record all angles simultaneously.
  • The user stands centered on a marked spot during the photo sequence.
  • Advanced software automatically combines the footage into a seamless 360-degree panorama.
  • Photos and videos are digitally delivered through text, email, or social media.
  • Users can scroll, pan, and zoom their 360 images for an immersive experience.

Why Choose a 360 Photo Booth

360 photo booths offer significant benefits:

  • Provide an interactive, cutting-edge guest experience that stands out.
  • Capture more of the environment, activity, and attendees around the subject.
  • Allow virtual attendance by those who couldn’t make the event in person.
  • Integrate easily with social media and digital sharing platforms.
  • Offer contactless photo delivery for COVID-19 safety.
  • Produce media with high marketing and promotional value for brands.

Ideal Atlanta Events for 360 Photo Booths

Some top events to have a 360 photo booth:

Corporate Events

Make company gatherings more immersive while capturing the full event atmosphere.

Trade Shows

Draw booth traffic and build brand engagement with an interactive 360 photo booth.


Let guests fully explore the beautiful venue space and wedding energy.


Capture the electric ambiance among crowds of attendees celebrating together.


Add modern flair to posh events and involve remote attendees through photo sharing.

What to Expect with 360 Photo Booths

The 360 photo booth experience involves:

  • A designated camera rig set up, typically circular or octagonal.
  • Brief instructions for guests on where to stand and posing tips.
  • 10-20 seconds of cameras snapping photos from all angles.
  • An email, text, or print allows instant digital delivery of 360 images.
  • Easy online and social media sharing capabilities for photos and videos.

How 360 Photo Booths Enhance Atlanta Events

Some creative ways to incorporate 360 photo booths:

  • Local influencers can be invited to generate buzz and social content.
  • Hashtag integrations allow attendees’ photos to be found easily online.
  • Digital backdrops can be added with logos, event names, or relevant visuals.
  • A monitor showcase lets guests view their 360 photos in real-time.
  • Green screen customization lets guests choose different virtual backgrounds.
  • Multi-user booths capture group interactions.

Key Points on 360 Photo Booths:

  • Provide next-level immersive event photos beyond traditional Corporate PhotoBooth.
  • Allow virtual event participation through the digital sharing of 360-degree images.
  • Seamlessly integrate with social media platforms.
  • Draw crowds and boost engagement as an interactive experience.
  • Capture your entire event space and ambiance.

Bringing a 360-degree photo booth to your Atlanta event ensures guests will have an innovative, memorable experience to share. The interactive element stands out from other offerings to provide wow-factor entertainment.

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