When organize a children’s event , keep the following list in mind; indispensable for a celebration and entertaining the little ones:


  • If it is a birthday with children up to 4 years old, the children are not left alone; their mothers or a guardian accompanies them, so the number of guests increases.


  • The most important thing in the place where you do it is security. This must be doubly studied when hiring a salon or doing it at home. The most important: plugs, loose cables, stairs, balconies, projections a few inches from the ground, swimming pools (make sure they are covered), uneven floors, glazed furniture, etc.


  • The room should have a place or place to change the cloths of the baby, in case a guest has a child who is still wearing diapers.


  • The decoration in this type of event is essential, the idea is to make a thematic setting depending on the taste of the child who has a birthday. In general, the settings belong to movie or television characters, such as Mickey Mouse and all Disney products. However, if the child is older, 4 or 5 years old, he will already have other tastes. Likewise, no matter how you like it, those who are going to decide the decoration will always be the parents, they are the ones who know how they want their child’s birthday to be. If you organize the event for someone, always remember to ask about the thematic decoration.
How To Organize A Children's Event
How To Organize A Children’s Event
  • Animation is very important and drivers must have experience with the age of the children they have to encourage, since each age has different structures and learning, so you must always take into account and ask these drivers to tell you bring a program of what you would do on the birthday.


  • Beyond the thematic decoration, balloons are something that both children and adults like.


  • The type of catering available must contain variants for both adults and children.


  • The type of event that you develop accepts to make a gastronomy like the one used in receptions, and to have tables and chairs so that the guests can sit.


  • Ideally, the room should be divided into 2 sectors: large and small. In the children’s area, you will find tables and chairs in various colors and classic sizes for them.


  • The cake must be of special flavors for children, without incorporating some ingredients that are not yet to the taste of the smallest.

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