One of the most common classifications for bouncy castles is taking into account the use that is going to be given and the type of activity it supports. Types of bouncy castles, Thus, we can classify inflatable castles for recreational use in:


Traditional bouncy castles

These are the traditional bouncy castles formed by a platform with side walls where users can jump or bounce inside. They can have obstacles, slides, ramps, etc. In this category, we include both inflatable castles for youth and adult use, as well as for children that can include ball parks inside. There are various sizes that can go from 2 × 2 meters for children from 0 to 3 years old, to large inflatable structures of hundreds of square meters. In any case, the main use for which these types of castles are designed is to jump and bounce freely inside them.


Inflatable sports castles

All those inflatable castles that propose a specific physical activity such as inflatable climbing walls, zip lines or the popular wipe-out are included here. The latter offer the user a path full of obstacles through the inflatable itself. Another type of inflatable very fashionable at the moment are the so-called “Sweepers”. Types of bouncy castles, The sweepers consist of an inflatable platform, with low side walls, and in the center of the inflatable a motor with one or two padded slats that rotate at variable speed on the platform. Participants must be vigilant to jump over (or go under) without being knocked down.

Types Of Bouncy Castles
Types Of Bouncy Castles

Inflatable competition castles

They are those inflatables specifically designed to compete between two or more participants. They are usually made up of two lanes with obstacles such as ramps, tunnels, barriers, climbing areas, etc. Participants try to complete the route in the shortest time possible, and arrive before their rival. Inflatables type “American Gladiators” are also very common. They are made up of an inflatable platform on which 2 circular platforms protrude. Types of bouncy castles, On each one of them a participant is placed and with the help of a padded foam stick, he must knock down his opponent.


Inflatable water castles

They are bouncy castles specially designed for use in water. There are several types and we can find from inflatable slides whose ramp ends in the water, to complete floating circuits. Types of bouncy castles, They are the most popular in the summer times and are usually placed in pools or lakes.

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