What Is A Bouncy Castle?

They are generally PVC or nylon structures, built and designed to be inflated by air turbines, so that they acquire a consistency and hardness such that it allows jumping or bouncing on them. They are designed mainly to entertain children up to 14 years old, although we can find them for adults as well. Bouncy […]

Bouncy Castle Materials

The essential materials to build a bouncy castle are canvas and thread. Bouncy castle materials From there, other types of materials are usually used according to the particular characteristics of each inflatable. Tarps : Bouncy castles can be made with various types of tarps, the most commonly used being nylon (for relatively small castles and for […]

What Is An Inflatable Bounce House?

Inflatable bounce houses are the large structures of plastic that are filled with cold air and used for simple recreational fun. Inflatable bounce house, Much of the fun comes from the floor section of the bounce house, which is also filled with air and allows you to safely jump and bounce for hours on end. […]

Inflatable Bounce Houses Safety Information

Inflatable Bounce Houses Safety Information Bouncy bouncy houses (also referred to as bounce houses) are great fun for teenagers and a giant hit at outdoor parties. But are they safe? Inflatable bounce houses safety information, Injuries associated with bouncy houses are on the increase. The study, “Injuries associated with Bouncy Bouncers within the u.  s., […]

How To Organize An Inflatable Party

How To Organize An Inflatable Party Does your little princess or prince LOVE party inflatables as much as ours? We have a large variety of bouncy castles to suit a wide variety. Organize an inflatable party, We have some smaller basics for the little ones, and then our Deluxe range that includes a slide, a […]

Organizing Children’s Events

Keep In Mind When Organizing Children’s Events Organizing an event of any kind requires time and dedication, taking care of every detail and making the guests feel their best. The goal is for you to have a pleasant and unforgettable time. And children’s events should not be less. Organizing children’s events, If you are passionate […]

Renting Inflatable For A Party

Inflatable For A Party The inflatable rental is usually an excellent alternative for any children’s party, since they will spend hours and hours jumping and sliding from one side to another. Renting inflatable for a party, However, you must take into account certain recommendations when renting an inflatable jump. The place. The first tip that […]

Proper Behavior In The Pool

Proper Behavior In The Pool Whether in the outdoor pool, on the deck or in the hydro massage pool, there are a series of hygiene and behavior rules to take into account to avoid any type of danger during your swimming day. Proper behavior in the pool, n this article we tell you what they […]

Make An Obstacle Course Of Your Own

Make An Obstacle Course Of Your Own Children love to run, climb and jump, especially at home. If you are thinking about how to distract them and share family time, go ahead and create an obstacle course for them. Make an obstacle course of your own, They will learn and have fun to the fullest! […]