Cleaning Tips For Inflatable Pool

Who doesn’t want a clean pool this summer? Yes we know everyone does, the main hustle before having fun in the summers is pool cleaning, but don’t worry. Pool cleaning tips, We have the right and useful tips that will help you out in pool cleaning! Kindly read the points carefully that are stated below.

  1. Check that the surface is clean

Before filling the pool, it is important to take care that there are no elements that can contaminate and dirty the liquid. So, we are going to clean and remove all kinds of dirt or residues so that the water remains crystal clear for longer.


  1. Buy a pool protector

A pool protector is an element that is placed on the pool to prevent garbage, animals, leaves and air pollutants from coming into contact with the water. Pool cleaning tips, This is manufactured with resistant materials to withstand the inclemency of the environment and must have accessories to be able to fit correctly on the entire surface.

Another functional element for this purpose can be found in a resistant canvas for heavy use or multipurpose, which covers the pool area and is adjusted with ties at the ends. With its installation, we will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the water in optimal conditions.


  1. Use a pool cleaner kit

Without a doubt, we cannot prevent insects or leaves from falling into our pool at some point or from starting to change the color of the water. Pool cleaning tips, Therefore, if we want to learn everything about how to keep the water in an inflatable pool clean, it is vital to get a cleaning kit that includes accessories such as:

Collect leaves: to remove garbage and pollutants from the water.

Adjustable handle: with the ideal length to reach all the debris that must be removed from the pool. It must be made of resistant and light materials so that it is not tiring to use it.

Filtration pump for inflatable pool: they are special to clean the water easily.

Hose: ideal for taking the water out and placing it in large tubs or cans in case we want to recycle it.

Bag: for the waste that we take out of the pool.

  1. Use special chemicals

Within the care of an inflatable pool we must consider using specific chemicals to maintain cleanliness in the water. Pool cleaning tips, This is essential for the most rigid pools, such as those that include a metal structure to be installed almost permanently.

Cleaning Tips For Inflatable Pools
Cleaning Tips For Inflatable Pools

Thus, we can use different products such as a chlorine and pH analyzer, which helps to evaluate the level of cleanliness in the water that a swimming pool contains. Pool cleaning tips, This kit consists of a comparator equipment in which the liquid samples are applied, an instruction manual, 1 OTTO chlorine identifier reagent, 1 Phenol red pH analyzer reagent. There are also spare parts for the reagents in case they run out.

It should be noted that knowing the level of chlorine and the existing pH in pool water gives us indications of its status and what we must do to keep it clean. Thus, after performing this analysis, it is important to take care of the balance of chemicals.

So, if there is a chlorine deficiency, which can be identified in green or dirty water, we can apply a clarifier to help keep the water transparent and eliminate dirt problems. Pool cleaning tips, These chemicals are also often the solution to remove visible, suspended algae from the pool.

Likewise, there are disinfectant tablets that completely eliminate algae, germs, bacteria or fungi, keeping the water crystal clear and preventing pollutants from forming on the walls.

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