Basic Elements And Care For Inflatable Pool

The dream of many children and adults can include having a swimming pool at home, however, building one is an expense that can be high due to the installation, cleaning, maintenance and continuous filling work that it requires. Inflatable pool rental, Fortunately, today we can opt for other more accessible models, such as acquiring an inflatable pool, with which we can enjoy the same functions without having to spend a large amount of money.

This alternative, in addition to being accessible due to its lower prices than a traditional pool construction, is also more versatile because there are different designs and models, so we will surely find an option suitable to our needs.

Inflatable pools rental
Inflatable pools rental

Basic elements to buy an inflatable pool

When deciding on one or another model of pool, we can search according to the colors and sizes of our preference. Inflatable pool rental, We must consider that in addition to acquiring a pool that we like, we have to verify that it has the required specifications according to our needs.

Thus, size is the first element to consider before buying a pool. To choose one, we must evaluate the number of people who are going to use it and purchase a pool thinking about whether it will be used by children, adults or a combination of several members with different ages.


Generally, we can find inflatable pools of different capacities, ranging from very small models (exclusively for infants under 3 years old) to others of more than 1500 liters that are functional for several adults.

On the other hand, we must take into account the materials from which the pool is made, since this will depend on how long it will be functional and how easy it will be to store the water. Inflatable pool rental, Among the raw materials used to manufacture the different models of swimming pools, we can distinguish the following:

Rigid vinyl: it is a type of plastic, but a rigid type. With this material the walls of the pool are made so that it can properly support the weight of the water and those who are inside.

Resistant or double-layer PVC: PVC, together with a metal structure, is used for most inflatable or mobile pools that are for a greater number of people, as it is the most resistant material.

Plastic: these pools are the classic inflatable ones and are usually very light, as they are made with a less resistant type of plastic. Inflatable pool rental, Due to this, the inflatable pool care must be greater.

The choice of material is important because it can make a difference between the periods of useful life, especially if we consider constantly using the pool. So, if we want to have a classic inflatable pool, we must take into account that we will need to apply greater care to keep the plastic without damage to the surface.

However, the stiffer, metal-framed inflatable pools are much stronger, but they are more complicated to install, collect and store. Inflatable pool rental, Therefore, it is advisable to buy this kind of swimming pool if we are going to designate a fixed place in the home for its installation, so that we do not have to constantly lift or store it.


The care for an inflatable pool that you cannot miss

Buying an inflatable pool is a good option if we want to cool off on the sunniest days with our families, but we have to consider different aspects to be able to keep it for many years .

In this sense, after choosing the pool that best suits our needs in capacity, size, design, shape (round or rectangular), we must learn the different maintenance and care measures that are presented below:

Schedule the cleaning of the pool, with greater constancy if it is used for many days in a row.

Maintain a flat surface where the pool will be installed.

Install a floor protector, such as a multipurpose tarp, to reinforce and prevent objects from piercing the bottom of the pool.

Get a patch or repair tape, with ease of use, fast adherence and waterproof to fix possible leaks due to cuts.

How to keep the water in an inflatable pool clean?

When having a pool, we must bear in mind that greater care will always be needed to keep the water in good condition. Inflatable pool rental, The simple thing would be to change the liquid each time it is used, but this practice is not cheap, easy, and much less ecological.

Consequently, there are certain methods that help us to better treat the water to avoid wasting it and throwing it away every time we clean the surface of the pool.

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