Popcorn Equipment

We handle various machines for popcorn , so that they are professionally and of different flavors so that you will surprise at fairs, parties, shopping centers or even at home with the best popcorn, made with the highest quality

Making prepackaged popcorn in the microwave is unhealthy. Popcorn equipment, These packets can be packed with fat, salt, and added ingredients that make this delicious snack unhealthy.

The best popcorn machine allows you to make a snack that does not harm your health. Thus, without any type of added ingredient, your sandwich will always be crunchy, light and with a delicious aroma.

The popcorn machine is a good business option, in which you can invest from $ 9.00 in a round and obtain profits from $ 60, in less than 15 min.

Popcorn Equipment
Popcorn Equipment


½ bag of corn ……………. $ 6.00

1 tablespoon of salt …………. $ 0.50

2 tablespoons of oil …… .. $ 2.00

11 oz bag ………………. $ 0.50

Total Investment …………………… .. $ 9.00

Bag price ………… .. $ 5.00

If 15 11 oz bags come out in one round, the sale per round is $ 75.00. Where the profit is $ 66.0 per round. Interesting right?

In a short time you will be recovering the investment of the popcorn machine and the rest will be only profits and investment in raw materials.

How to store your popcorn?

Without the 14% moisture that the grain needs, the popcorn does not pop, which is why the correct storage of the popcorn is very important.

In a hermetically sealed container either made of plastic or glass, it is the best way to prevent moisture from being lost, Popcorn equipment, especially if they are in a cool place like the pantry.

Don’t throw away the corn that wasn’t popped

Corn that was not popped can still be used. In a jar, place all the corn that did not pop, add a tablespoon of water and cover, shake it for a few minutes until the water dissolves, keep the jar for 2 or 3 days and then you can make the popcorn to see if it can pop . If they do not burst, do the same procedure again.


What is the best popcorn machine?

Those who have tried to make popcorn without a specific device at least once in their life know very well how complicated it is: an improper method can cause products to spill and the corn seeds to burn or not “explode”. ».

The popcorn machine avoids all these difficulties thanks to a heating system designed to ensure the best results. Popcorn equipment, A flow of hot air is generated inside the appliance that makes the corn explode, which guarantees a perfectly homogeneous cooking without waste.



If this is the first time you use it, do a thorough cleaning of the entire interior and exterior surface. Do not use any type of detergent: a damp cloth is enough. Once you are done with this, carefully wipe all the parts with a dry cloth. At this moment, everything is ready for you to start preparing your popcorn. Pour the amount of seeds you want into the special compartment, press the start button and wait a few minutes. Popcorn equipment, While you wait, if the machine is equipped with a transparent lid, you can rejoice in watching your popcorn pop one by one.

After a few minutes, your popcorn will be ready. All you have to do is take them out of the machine, add salt or sugar to taste, if you feel like it, and … Bon appetit!

To clean the equipment, proceed as described at the beginning of this section. In fact, it is enough to first wipe a damp cloth and then a dry one, taking care to dry each part of the machine with the utmost care.

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