The rainy season is all fun and games until you have broken your back while preparing an outdoor event for your child, everything including food and an inflatable bounce house is at its place and it starts to rain cats and dogs out there.

Well although there is nothing I can tell you about the food and other decorations, I can share some insights on what to do to safeguard the bounce house rental.

Inflatable bounce house

Can rain cause damage to your bounce house?

Don’t worry, usually, the bounce houses or jumper rentals are designed in a way so that they can withstand light rainfall and some inflatable water slide rentals are pretty usable in light rainfall. But it does get pretty dangerous during rain.

Water on a rubbery material is no doubt gonna create a surface with less friction. And less friction means more chances of children getting yeeted off the bounce and seriously hurting themselves. Hence a few drops of rain won’t cause any harm but a downpour is where you might need to create a line.

What are the dangers of using an inflatable bounce house when wet?

Here are some of the dangers of using an inflatable bounce house during rain:

  • Chances of injuries:

As mentioned earlier children might get hurt by using a sipper bounce house. The chance of people sliding off the bounce house when it’s wet is high.

  • Damage to the blower:

As you might know, many jumper rentals are connected to a blower to keep them upright and bouncy. And these blowers need power/ electricity to run which might become an issue on a rainy day. The blower is not waterproof and without proper insulation, they can easily get water damaged by the rain.

Inflatable bounce house

How to save the event?

Keeping the issues mentioned above in mind, there are three primary steps you can take to save your event.

  • Cover the electrical parts from the rainfall.
  • Cover the inflatable bounce house with a tarp.
  • Have adults supervising the children at all times.

These tips can easily save your event and help to make your event even more memorable than you thought.

That’s all folks, have a safe bounce! Also, contact tel:8559120628 to get the best quality jump house rental.

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