Searching for “bounce house rental near me” can be a taxing task but here at Ultimate Party Jump, you can find all you need to host a bounce house party for your kids. We are proud to say that we have the best quality bounce house rental in Los Angeles.

Jumper rentals are great for kids to play, learn, develop motor skills, and have a fun time in general. But it might not be that fun for adults. Once you start searching for the bounce rentals option you will be bounced away at the choices you will find yourself in. The more you search the deeper in the world of bounce you will find yourself.

bounce house rental near me

But we can help lift at least some of that pressure. How? 

We have an amazing collection of bounce house rentals that you will find both fun and appropriate for children of all ages. And know what kids like and we are committed to helping you find the bounce house that’s the best for your kid and suits the theme the best.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting and fun bouncing house rental that you can find at Ultimate Party jump:

Inflatable water slide rentals:

You can find 9 different kinds of waterslides on our platform. Their names are the following:

  1. 18’ Rock Slide with Pool
  2. Super Splash Down 2 with Pool
  3. 27′ Roaring River 2 Lane Run ‘N’ Splash Combo
  4. Fire and Ice with Pool
  5. Fire N’ Ice with Landing
  6. Lava Twist 27′ Dual Lane Water Slide
  7. 18′ Monster Wave with Pool
  8. 18′ Wild Rapids with Pool
  9. Dolphin Express with Pool

Bounce House Rental Near Me


There are 4 types of interactives that you go for, which are:

  1. Cornhole
  2. Giant Hamster/Zorb Balls (2)
  3. The Lost Tomb
  4. Water Cage Challenge

Bounce house:

Check out these amazing bounce houses:

  1. Funhouse Castle Inflatable Bouncer
  2. Pumpkin Bounce (this one will be the ideal choice for the upcoming Halloween festival)

Combo bouncers:

Looking for some dry slides? Check these out:

  1. Bounce ‘N’ Double Dip Castle
  2. Dash ‘N’ Splash
  3. Jump ‘N’ Splash Castle
  4. Jump ‘N’ Splash Under the Sea

bounce house rental near me

All these choices can make you lose track of what you were looking for initially so make sure you choose the one that goes well with your theme.

Other than that all of these are super fun and enjoyable for kids and safe to use. But we still advise you to always have someone adult preferably supervise the kids while they play in the bouncing house rental. Also, read the instructions on the safety rules of placing a bounce house because ignoring those guidelines can lead to a dangerous situation none of us want.

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