Make An Obstacle Course Of Your Own

Children love to run, climb and jump, especially at home. If you are thinking about how to distract them and share family time, go ahead and create an obstacle course for them. Make an obstacle course of your own, They will learn and have fun to the fullest!

With this activity you can encourage the participation of young and old. Through group play, everyone will test their gross motor skills and stimulate their development in an entertaining way.

In addition, it will motivate them to overcome any difficulties that arise along the way; They will show their bravery, courage and effort. These values ​​will be part of the game and will give your children greater security and self-confidence.

In the same way, the obstacle course allows to strengthen the notions of space. This ability will help the little ones to get where they are. Also, it stimulates the understanding of concepts such as: here, up-down, front-back, far or near.

If you don’t know how to organize an obstacle course, don’t worry! We will tell you how, where and with what you can assemble it at home. Take on this challenge and get everyone activated, let’s get to work!


How to organize an obstacle course ?

Building an obstacle course with chairs, boxes, toys and objects that you have in your home is very easy, get creative and bring out your adventurous spirit! With the help of some tutorials and the step-by-step guide that we will give you, you will be able to do it quickly.

Make An Obstacle Course Of Your Own
Make An Obstacle Course Of Your Own

What is the ideal space for an obstacle course ?

The first thing you should think about is the space where the entire circuit will be completed. The living room of your house or a large room will help you set up an obstacle course .

The ideal space is a place where they can move easily. In addition, it must allow you to place the objects at a distance, one from the other, so that they can pass each test.

As the idea is that your children can climb, crawl, jump and run through the game , it is essential to facilitate the journey. Think of that area of ​​your house where you can adapt the space. Then go on a fun obstacle course and test how fast each one is!


What do you need for an obstacle course ?

Designing an obstacle course is one of the most fun crafts to do at home . With simple objects you can create a track with challenges and a lot of fun.

Some ideas include: broomsticks, empty boxes, inflatable mattresses, dining room chairs, pillows, stuffed animals, hula hoops , toy tunnels, ball pools, and a bell (for a fun ending).

Do not forget to get colored adhesive tape to outline the route to follow in your obstacle course on the floor , you have to guide the participants!


Your mission will be to ensure that each runner meets all the tests:

  • Challenge 1: jump through a ring track that will be located interspersed.
  • Challenge 2: crawl under two broomsticks that will be on some dining room chairs.
  • Challenge 3: jump on a tower of pillows that stand in the way.
  • Challenge 4: swim in a ball pit and find the favorite stuffed animal of one of your children.
  • Challenge 5: dodge the empty boxes that are on the way without moving them!
  • Challenge 6: crawl through the inflatable mattress that you will meet later!
  • Challenge 7: crawl inside the tunnel and ring the final bell.


How to trace the path in an obstacle course ?

In order for none of the participants to get lost on the obstacle course, it is necessary to correctly trace the path. A useful idea is to use tape of different colors to guide your little ones and follow the correct route. You can make flashy arrows on the floor so they can be located in case they get lost.

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