Inflatable Bounce Houses Safety Information

Bouncy bouncy houses (also referred to as bounce houses) are great fun for teenagers and a giant hit at outdoor parties. But are they safe? Inflatable bounce houses safety information, Injuries associated with bouncy houses are on the increase.

The study, “Injuries associated with Bouncy Bouncers within the u.  s., 1990-2020,” (published within the December 2020 issue of Pediatrics ) revealed that from 1990 to 2020 quite 87,000 children were treated in emergency rooms. of the U.S. for inflatable bounce house-related injuries. Also, the speed of those injuries is significantly increasing:


From 2008 to 2020, the amount of bounce house-related injuries over doubled to a mean of 31 injuries to children per day.

As is that the case with trampolines, bouncy houses don’t seem to be safe. In recent years, variety of bouncy house related accidents are reported. Although they appear very harmless, accidents happen because of falls or faulty installations. Strong winds and poor anchoring can cause equipment to collapse or be blown away, which might cause various accidents, a number of which are fatal. Although these inflatable jump houses are built with safety in mind, the facilities aren’t always inspected or well regulated.

There are guidelines or standards for installation, proper anchoring methods, weight limits, and safe operating protocols — including instructions on weather to avoid. Not all states need a certificate of inspection before operating these bouncy houses. Inflatable bounce houses safety information, This ends up in inadequate installations, which predisposes to accidents. Also, as within the case of trampolines, these inflatable houses or jumpers lend themselves to injuries caused by falls like sprains, fractures, abrasions and head injuries.

Inflatable Bounce Houses Safety Information
Inflatable Bounce Houses Safety Information

Providers of bouncers or inflatable houses to leap

Before buying or renting an inflatable bounce house from a vendor, there are several obvious precautions to take:

  • Review the supplier’s advice on the way to operate the equipment. The kit should include detailed instructions on weight and operating guidelines. If this information isn’t included, debate.
  • Ask the supplier if they need records of accidents / incidents that occurred within the past and what steps were taken to forestall them. If you rent an inflatable jump house from a supplier, you must ask them to tell you of any accidents, even those who seem “silly” so better instructions may be given to others. Inflatable bounce houses safety information, Be wary if they tell you that they need never had accidents. Accidents like bumps, bruises, sprains and even broken bones are to be expected in any boisterous or noisy activity where children are present.
  • Check that the supplier incorporates a trained one that checks their inflatable equipment annually. they have to present evidence of any report, if requested.
  • Safety Guidelines for fogeys on Using Inflatable Bounce Houses
  • Follow recommended guidelines for safe installation including anchoring. The inflatable jump house should be installed removed from fences, gardens, branches, etc. which will be dangerous for kids if they ride on them.
  • Consider restricting its use to children over 6 years old.
  • Children should remove shoes, glasses, and jewellery before using the equipment.
  • Remove any sharp objects (pens, keys) from your pockets / hands before playing (they could easily cause puncture wounds).
  • Don’t let children of quite different sizes move the equipment at the identical time. Younger children are in danger of injury from colliding or falling under older children.
  • Do not allow adults or children to exceed the load or height that the equipment was designed to leap on them.
  • The inflatable house mustn’t be entered with food, drinks, bottles or glass things.


Maintain supervision in the least times. If you’re unable to take care of supervision, the bounce / skip should be deflated and moved to a different location. Supervision means constantly observing and not just being round the area!

Children should learn to not push other children into the inflatable house. If you have got a flat surface, this is often extremely important to avoid broken arms and legs. Inflatable bounce houses safety information, If the inflatable home is the kind that has walls, then children mustn’t be allowed to bounce off the walls and stumble upon one another — this may cause injury from the collision.

Follow the recommendation given on the utmost number of youngsters allowed at anybody time and allow them to in a verynd out at intervals in a controlled manner.

When the weather is sweet outside, inflatable jump houses and trampolines often appear to be one more fun item for several water parks, amusement parks, restaurants, outdoor parties, or perhaps as a permanent backyard spot for the kids. However, remember of the risks that these playground equipment pose so you’ll confirm you’re taking the acceptable measures to reduce accidents because in mere some seconds or minutes these inflatable equipment can go from being a fun to a terrible nightmare.

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