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The inflatable rental is usually an excellent alternative for any children’s party, since they will spend hours and hours jumping and sliding from one side to another. Renting inflatable for a party, However, you must take into account certain recommendations when renting an inflatable jump.

The place. The first tip that you should consider when renting an inflatable is the place where you will hold the event. It is not the same that your little one’s party is in a garden or party room than that you have the option of holding it in a small club with large green spaces, where you could set up various children’s games.

Today, there are several options for inflatables for rent , from mini castles and ball pools, to slides with slides that can take up a lot of space.

Measures. Once you have defined the place where the children’s party will take place , it is essential that you take measurements, since the type of inflatable you could install will depend on this. Also take into account the space for adults, in this way, you will not cause inconvenience to the older guests who accompany the children to the party. So don’t forget to take a tape measure to measure the space you have available.

The provider . It is important that you quote the rental of inflatables with various companies and that you always check their website and / or social networks if they do not generate confidence in contact. Generally, there is a section of clients who post reviews regarding how they did in their hiring of the service, you can be guided by these comments.

It is very important that the inflatable rental company gives you recommendations on where you intend to place the inflatable for the party (lawn or patio) and that you verify from the beginning the supplies such as power plants or extensions that they are going to offer you as part of the service or if they have an additional cost. The same happens with the expenses of transfers and installation, since perhaps in certain areas they charge a fee because it is out of their coverage.

You should know that it is important to have a good power supply and a 127 Volt light contact at a distance no greater than 20 meters from the place where the equipment will be installed. If you are renting more than one inflatable or a large one, more independent contacts will be needed, one for each air ejector.

Anticipate the hiring of the rent. Since you requested quotes and evaluated them, it is important that you make the reservation of the inflatable immediately so that you have complete assurance that the inflatable rental company can fulfill the rental request. If at that time you do not have all the capital for the rental of the inflatable game , you can ask for section schemes that will be very convenient for you. You can maybe set aside with 20% of the rent.

Renting Inflatable For A Party
Renting Inflatable For A Party

Inflatable rental companies for children always have events to cover, so if today there is the availability of renting an inflatable or bouncy castle, in two or three days it may no longer be available. Remember, always booking in advance means saving money and avoiding setbacks.

Security at the event. Although they seem harmless, it is important that you consult the inflatable rental company about the security measures that should be considered during the rental of the same. You should check the maximum capacity of the children’s game and how many children can stay or jump at the same time. Be careful, it is essential, since any damage may incur a penalty that you would have to pay.

On the other hand, it is essential that a responsible adult attends and closely supervises all activities while the inflatable equipment is in operation. Remember, the customer is responsible for providing such assistance and supervision from the moment the inflatable is installed.

Budget. This may seem obvious, but every type of event depends on the budget you have. Nowadays, inflatable jump companies offer all kinds of children’s games . These depend on the size and model, but there are always different economic options that allow various forms of payment, from deposits on account to payment by credit card.

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